From IT-BPO to Tribal literature

Ruby Hembrom had already worked for big names like IBM when she quit the IT-BPO sector. She had eight years in Training, Learning and Development, and she went straight to the villages of Jharkhand.  But now, she is known for her publishing concern for tribal literature, Adivaani, which she has put up with her friends,... Continue Reading →

A new voice: The Hindu take on us and our Adivasi Pickle!

On August 8 this year, the eve of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Ruby Hembrom decided to institute Adivasi Pickle, a “prize for indigenous ideology, thought and knowledge”. In the announcement, she called on Adivasis to share unpublished stories of their lives, struggles and triumphs. From the submissions, a jury will select “the... Continue Reading →

We’re on Society!

Kakoli Poddar, journalist with Magna Publishing, chose to feature adivaani in this month's issue of Society: Ruby says they want to create a database of adivasi writing of, for and by the adivasis. “We wish to document the oral forms of their storytelling and folklore. We also aim to narrate our stories of struggles, exploitation... Continue Reading →

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