Press coverage: ‘It’s time Adivasis wrote, spoke about their anguish’

In 1980, one-year-old Gladson Dungdung and his family were displaced from their agricultural land for the construction of Kelaghat dam in Jharkhand and pushed into the forests of Simdega, where Dungdung's father was arrested on allegations of felling trees. Ten years later, Dungdung's parents, during another land struggle, were murdered. In his book, 'Whose country... Continue Reading →

Press coverage: Tribal ministers have become slaves of their seniors

Ministers who need to raise issues of tribals in Parliament "become slaves" of senior ministers and forget about the "rights of Adivasis", Swami Agnivesh on Thursday claimed. "All those who are elected as ministers to represent tribals in the Parliament to fight for their rights and atrocities committed upon them, themselves become slaves of big... Continue Reading →

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