Unique tales of India’s tribal communities: Gulf News

Anyone collaborating with Ruby Hembrom is sure to widen his or her mental bandwidth. For she not just thinks out-of-box but also invests her soul and spirit into the work she undertakes. Kolkata-based Hembrom runs Adivaani, a publishing house for adivasi (tribal) literature. It was launched by a group of amateurs that included her friend... Continue Reading →


Publishers fight odds to keep tribal literature alive: The Times of India, Ranchi

The city is at the heart of a quiet but slow revolution, with publishers, small and big, taking tentative steps in the field of tribal literature. One such group is Adivaani, a database which collects, publishes and preserves tribal folklore and culture. Read the rest here.

Dancing on our turtle’s back: Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

In the end of 2012, adivaani was following the emergence of the Idle no more movement of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada comprising the First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples and their non-Aboriginal supporters in Canada. This in their own words is a peaceful revolution to honour Indigenous sovereignty and to protect the land and... Continue Reading →

Crossfire: Gladson Dungdung’s new book in Hindi is out!

Gladson and Sanjay Krishna have co-authored a collection of stories from the Red Corridor, highlighting voices of Adivasis who’ve been caught in the military conflict between the government and the maoists. Once a forest in peaceful existence, Saranda has become the stage of this continuous abuse of human rights. Narrated in the honest and passionate... Continue Reading →

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