Santal: Announcing the launch of our first book

The art of book making is a lot like baking. The ingredients and batter for cup cakes and cakes remain the same; it’s only the mould that differs. And once the moulds have been put into the oven, it’s a matter of experience and practice that decides the outcome of the bakes. “It smells divine, but has it risen, has it cooked through?” There’s only so much one can do, the rest has to be taken in faith and hope like hell it turns out alright.

That’s how it was with our first book. First time bakers were trying their hand at catering for a wedding for 1000 invitees. The recipe we were using was of a Mexican patisserie chef. After carefully obtaining the ingredients, the process of preparing the batter started. A portion of manuscript, three parts of typing it out in a unique font, three portions of editing and proofreading, and a pinch of author intervention and we were almost ready. Choosing the mould was easy, we decided on paperback, 8 x 5 inches. While giving the batter a good mix, I started thinking of the icing, a gloss finish laminate covering maybe perfect. We were able to contact the Mexican patisserie chef for last minute advise; he said, “Don’t forget to add love, your personal touch”.

Once the mixture for the batter had been transferred to the moulds we headed to the bakery. At the bakery the baker had his apprehensions with the distinctive batter; he tasted the batter and commented on never having used our font before and he also looked strangely at the icing. Once we were able to deconstruct the font and icing for him, he seemed comfortable. But we were tense; could we do this together, in time?

Everything was ready; one didn’t want the baker not letting us load the cupcakes on the baking tray at this stage. The guests at the wedding had to be fed after all. Taking the greatest leap of faith we watched our cup cakes slide into the oven. They smelt lovely, but would they rise, would they cook through, would they burn, would they overcook, were questions running through our minds. But I guess the love we put in should more than make up for any unwarranted miscalculations. We are ready to plate up and serve. Are you ready to taste, to savor and to relish? Bon Appétit!

About Santal

This book walks us through the entity of the Santals as an indigenous people, their being, their lifestyle and their belief system.

An exegetical study of the creation narratives has been made and shows that the Santals are a non-idol worshipping theist people. This book explores how their ancient belief system has stood the test of time; where it struggles to retain its authenticity, where it has had to transform and how people who have embraced a mainstream religion strive to maintain a balance between the two.

Our author

Rev. Dr. Timotheas Hembrom has over 40 years of Theological teaching experience and is an ordained Priest of the Church of North India. He has taught at Chera Theological College, Cherrapunji, Bishop’s College, Kolkata, Gossner Theological College, Ranchi and The Santal Theological College, Benagaria. He’s a second generation Christian and educated Santal, and wears many hats. He’s a writer, editor, singer-musician, and songwriter. He’s been the editor of the Santali monthly magazine Jug Sirijol published by the Santali Cultural and Literary Society, Kolkata, for over 30 years, and continues writing for them. He’s had the accomplishment of recording Santali Christmas songs and Santali Christmas messages for the All India Radio for about 10 years.

This book is a reflection of his love for words and language, and what he is at the core, a Santal and a Theologian.


Book specs:

Language: Santali

Script: Roman Santali

ISBN 978-81-925541-0-5

Size: 8”x 5”, Paperback.

Pages: 168

Price: Rs. 160 · 5 USD (plus shipping expenses)


Place your requests for copies at:

Phone: 9831520400



Tulip Apartments

29 A, Ismail Street

4th Floor


West Bengal



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