Where to buy our books

Order our books online at:





Or walk into these very special bookstores in Kolkata, Ranchi, Delhi and Odisha and find us there.


Kolkata: West Bengal

Earthcare Books
10 Middleton Street
West Bengal

Phone:  33  22296551 / 22276190
Email:   earthcarebooks@gmail.com
Website : www.earthcarebooks.com


Ranchi: Jharkhand

Adivasi Concerns Trust 

B.I.R.S.A. Mines Monitoring Centre

Abilasha Apartments, 11 A Purulea Road

Ranchi 834001


New Delhi

People Tree

8, Regal Building

Parliament Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                           New Delhi-01.

Phone:011 23744877



Walking BookFairs

Khandagiri, Housing Board Colony, Phase I, HIG -34.

AMRI Hospital Road.


Odisha 751030

We’re still working on some more deals for you to have easy access to our books… so stay around, we’ll announce more places soon.


3 thoughts on “Where to buy our books

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    1. Dear Mr. Marandi,

      We’ve tried our best to get on to Flipkart. The process is to go through local distributors in Kolkata and Flipkart would source it from them.The Flipkart guys gave me 4 contacts. On calling them they show no interest in our kind of books. So that seems like a dead-end…but we’ll try other ways.

      Keep track of how our books are reaching readers on our website.


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