CDC sponsors adivaani!

It’s raining goodwill for adivaani. This time it comes from CDC Printers, Kolkata.


After reading the feature on us in The Telegraph, Kolkata, CDC Printers got in touch with us saying they’d like to sponsor some of our work. We could hardly believe our ears.

Two meetings down the line we had it all figured out. They were impressed with our work and wanted to contribute to help us grow. They’re printing few of our productions for free and to encourage us to continue printing books without being burdened by budget constraints or compromising on quality, they’ve offered us a long-term arrangement that is the perfect solution for us.

Earth rests on a Tortoise being printed
Earth rests on a Tortoise being printed

Our books now seem secure.

We’re now adding three products to the adivaani list:

1. Earth rests on a Tortoise, part two of the Santal Creation Stories. Once again, text by Ruby Hembrom and illustrations by Boski Jain.

2. The success of We come from the Geese; part one of the Santal Creation Stories in English prompted us to have it translated in Hindi. So grab your copy.

3. A Santal Hul calendar, beginning the 30th June, 2013 to the 30th June, 2014 as a memento to remember the Santal Rebellion (1855-57) and to uphold the spirit of freedom and dignity.

The Santal Hul Calendar
The Santal Hul Calendar

All we can say is a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Chittranjan Choudhury and the entire team at CDC Printers.


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