The Adivasi PICKLE 2013 prize recipient has been chosen!



We are happy to announce that Rejina Marandi’s proposal tentatively titled: And I came to know…! is the one.


Congratulations Rejina!


Rejina is a Ph.D student at Pondicherry University, Department of Philiosphy. She is a Santal from Gosaingaon, Kokrajhar District, Assam.

Rejina proposes a novel of an Adivasi girls’ journey of witnessing, understanding, and rediscovering being Adivasi in the wake of the communal riots of 1996 in Assam and up until now.

The work of putting the book together starts now. The book will be released on International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples, August 9th, 2014 at Rejina’s hometown.

We thank everyone who participated and sent in entries and everyone who has supported this venture.


About adivaani

Adivasi publishing and archiving outfit for indigenous expression based in Kolkata.

3 thoughts on “The Adivasi PICKLE 2013 prize recipient has been chosen!

  1. Wilson Hasda says:

    Thanks Adivaani for creating a platform and giving our young and inspiring writers a chance and an opportunity to practice and express their hidden talents.

    Congratulations Rejina on bagging the position as first ever prize recipient under this initiative by Adivaani!

  2. Rejina Marandi says:

    Rubby Di, Joy Da, and Bro Louis deserve the word thanks because they created this platform.

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