Crossfire: Gladson Dungdung’s new book in Hindi is out!

Crossfire Cover

Gladson and Sanjay Krishna have co-authored a collection of stories from the Red Corridor, highlighting voices of Adivasis who’ve been caught in the military conflict between the government and the maoists. Once a forest in peaceful existence, Saranda has become the stage of this continuous abuse of human rights.

Narrated in the honest and passionate style Gladson is known for,with the addition of Sanjay’s investigative journalistic experience, Crossfire is meant to be a new basic reference to understanding the lives and struggles of the indigenous peoples of India.

The book is already available at our dedicated bookstores, People Tree and Earthcare Books (you can order it online from them here:

To get a feel of the book, download the introduction written by Swami Agnivesh here:

Introduction to Crossfire by Swami Agnivesh


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