Book release: adivaani presents Disaibon Hul

On 30th June, 1855, a large assembly of Santals was held at Bhognadih, a village in the Rajmahal hills. There were tens of thousands of people equipped with bows, arrows, swords, battle axes and drums. It was there that the Santal Rebellion started almost 160 years ago, when Santals rose to overthrow the oppressors and start a raj of their own.

The Hul, as it is called, left a deep impression upon the social imaginary of the Santal people. It was a last ditch effort to defend our way of life which was being undermined by the influx of outsiders.

At adivaani, we believe is our duty to keep our stories of injustice, persecution and hope alive in public spaces.

This book is an expression of our resistance and resurgence as Adivasis. It was produced keeping our children in mind, so they can learn our history and preserve our memory as their heritage.

Please join us this Saturday, July 12th 2014 at 4 pm to release Disaibon Hul in the company of its creators, Saheb Ram Tudu and Ruby Hembrom.

Earthcare Books
10 Middleton Street (Near Maidan Metro Station)
Kolkata 700071

Phone: +91-33-22296551 / 22276190



Disaibon Hul, Earthcare Books


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  1. Congratulations! I live in Hyderabad and so I cannot be there. My best wishes for the release. I have ordered 5 copies. Hope to see the copies soon. Vijayendra.

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