Adivasi PICKLE 2013 ends tonight!


Just a heartfelt thank you…

On International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples, August 9th, 2013 adivaani instituted Adivasi PICKLE: a prize for Indigenous Ideology, Thought and Knowledge.

We thank everyone who sent in entries, everyone who promoted the event, those who sought out Adivasi brethren and friends and egged them on to participate.

We now wait on our jury to make their decision.

For those of you who would’ve missed who they are:

1) Dakxinkumar Bajrange: An award winning filmmaker, playwright, director and activist from the Chhara De-notified Tribes of Ahmedabad. He’s currently working at the Budhan Theatre as a director.

2) Sophia Pde: A Khasi academic from the Meghalaya. She is Assistant Professor at Central Library, University of Delhi. She has special research interest in Folk  literature of North East India and is working on Khasi folklore.

3) Gladson Dungdung: An Adivasi human rights activist and writer. He is based in Jharkhand and is from the Kharia Tribe. He’s the author of Whose country is it anyway? and other books about Adivasis.

The next date to look out for is the 15th of November 2013 when we announce THE BOOK– the culmination of our first call to celebrate Adivasi being.

But don’t stop at that. This is just the beginning…

See you next year, at the next edition of Adivasi PICKLE!


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