Timotheas Hembrom’s new book is out!


The Santal and the Biblical Creation Traditions: Anthropological & Theological Reflections

Language: English

Pages: 304

Rs. 200

In this book Timotheas Hembrom offers a brief and lucid introduction to the lifestyle and belief system of the Santals, showing that though they are a people of no scripture, they have as much knowledge about God the creator as the people of Scriptures. Hembrom also conducts an exegetical study and compares the Biblical and the Santal’s creation narratives. His findings and conclusions prove to be relevant for any reader interested in faith and the origin of religion.

Rev. Dr. Timotheas Hembrom has over 40 years of Theological teaching experience and is an ordained Priest of the Church of North India. He has taught at Chera Theological College, Cherrapunji, Bishop’s College, Kolkata, Gossner Theological College, Ranchi and The Santal Theological College, Benagaria.

A writer, editor, singer-musician, and songwriter, he wears many hats.

This book is a reflection of his love for words and language, and what he is at the core–a Santal, an Adivasi and a Theologian.


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    1. Hi Sonali,

      The books are to be mailed out to PeopleTree,8,Regal Building, Parliament street,New Delhi -01
      tomorrow. You should be able to get hold of a copy from them by the end of the week or early next week.


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