Sosobonga, the creation story of the Mundas, is now out


In another installment on the works by Dr. Ram Dayal Munda, we are happy to present a bi-lingual volume (English and Roman Mundari) co-authored by Ratan Singh Manki.

Sosobonga, the prayer of the Soso tree, is the ultimate expression of love and respect for our Mother Earth within the Munda and the Asur peoples.

Orally narrated the epic aims not only to present how human life came into existence but also introduces us to a story in search of equilibrium and the restoring actions of reciprocity among humans—between themselves and other beings.

We hope that our readers will have a deeper understanding of Adivasi cultures and through the simple and poetic passages of the book, love this ancient, yet always fresh ritual of fertility, sharing and living within the boundaries of nature.

But, hush, the priest is about to start telling the story. He is passing his right hand over the rice in the winnowing fan resting on his lap… grab your copy and follow his voice.


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