Release of Becoming me, our first Adivasi PICKLE book

The first edition of Adivasi PICKLE has formally and successfully come to an end.

Becoming Me by Rejina Marandi was released on Saturday, the 25th of October, 2014 at the author’s hometown in Assam.

The event was a celebration of stories, storytelling and storytellers soaked in Adivasi flavours.

The Forest Guest House Campus, Srirampur, Santal Colony, Kokrajhar District was the venue and the open air setting amidst trees made for an event befitting Adivasis’ love for nature. Sadri and Santali music played through the sound systems setting the stage for festivity.

Guests—family, friends, dignitaries, activists, journalists, well-wishers arrived from all corners of Assam, some even taking a train journey to share in Rejina’s grand day. Welcomed in traditional ways by washing of feet and being gifted a panchi; we felt at home.

Rejina looked lovely in her traditional Santali clothes. It was such a proud moment to unwrap her books from the panchi that held them together and unveil it to everyone present.

She says Becoming Me is her part of the effort to transform oral tradition to the written form. “Today’s Present is tomorrow’s History. So, let each one of us start sharing our part of the story in the written form”, she said.

adivaani thanks ASSU (All Santal Student’s Union), ASSAA (All Adivasi Students’ Association of Assam), Wilson Hansda and Rejina Marandi for putting this book release event together so beautifully and everyone who addressed the gathering and attended it.

Congratulations once again to Rejina Marandi! May our stories travel far and wide.


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