Unique tales of India’s tribal communities: Gulf News

Anyone collaborating with Ruby Hembrom is sure to widen his or her mental bandwidth. For she not just thinks out-of-box but also invests her soul and spirit into the work she undertakes. Kolkata-based Hembrom runs Adivaani, a publishing house for adivasi (tribal) literature. It was launched by a group of amateurs that included her friend... Continue Reading →

We’re on Society!

Kakoli Poddar, journalist with Magna Publishing, chose to feature adivaani in this month's issue of Society: Ruby says they want to create a database of adivasi writing of, for and by the adivasis. “We wish to document the oral forms of their storytelling and folklore. We also aim to narrate our stories of struggles, exploitation... Continue Reading →

Who is adivaani

Ruby Hembrom I believe not everyone is meant to do just one thing in life, I certainly am not. My 8 years of work experience in the Legal field, the Service Industry, the Social Development Sector and the Learning, Research, Development and Instructional Designing field bears testimony to this fact. My education, training, skills and... Continue Reading →

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