Raza adivasis: a letter by George B. Sánchez-Tello

Culture cannot be lost. Toys are lost. Coins are lost. Culture is killed. Culture is disappeared. Culture is surrendered. The ones killing culture have names and addresses. Sometimes the assassins hide behind concepts like modernity. Sometimes the murderers speak in code, like development. But there is always an architect and a pilot – a person... Continue Reading →

A publisher and his genes… Luis and our Indiegogo campaign

Dear all, I had a great grandmother from Sicily and a grandmother from the Basque country. Someone told me I have Chinanteco blood (a very old indigenous people) from my dad’s side of the family ... but it doesn’t count, I was raised by my mom’s loving family. So it must be the Basque genes;... Continue Reading →

Our Indiegogo campaign: The adivaani time machine needs your help

Dear All, So the adivaani ideator is in trouble.  The idea behind making books for and by Adivasis was to challenge every misconstrued notion about us. Also, and more importantly, adivaani is a response to the indigenous peoples of India’s identity being threatened, ignored, misrepresented and supressed. The problem is we can’t do it alone.... Continue Reading →

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