Adivasi PICKLE. Come as you are!


We’ve been receiving enquiries from people who are intimidated by the requirements of the participation for the prize. It appears that we are requesting for the new masterpiece or the most innovative way to view ourselves and our ways of life–we are. But that’s not all.

We know who we are. It continues to be a long struggle, living in the margins, getting accustomed to unfamiliar ways, cultures, languages, in a world where we aren’t really welcome. English might not be the language you are most comfortable with but we want everybody around (the world) to know us. So come as you are–we’re here to help your narrative take shape.

There is no small idea, no small dream, no insignificant voice and no trivial story!

Share your bit of yarn to complete the tapestry of Adivasi writing by partaking of some Adivasi PICKLE: a prize for Indigenous Ideology, Thought and Knowledge.

Be the story, the narrative, the legend, the chronicle!

3 steps and you are part of this beautiful loom.

1) Send in a proposal with a working title for a book in English within 5000 words, by the 30th of September 2013 at

2) Attach proof of your being Adivasi/Scheduled Tribe.

3) Fill in the cover form and send it along with the above two.

For further details view the information on the following links:

What is Adivasi PICKLE?

Application Details


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