Adivasi PICKLE: the second edition of our writing prize is here

It’s that time of the year again—to come together as a community of Indigenous peoples and join the world in celebrating one day in our honor—9th August. adivaani wants to commemorate this occasion by serving the second portion of Adivasi Pickle. Pickle is the perfect accompaniment to spice up any spread and the one key... Continue Reading →

Adivasi PICKLE. Come as you are!

We’ve been receiving enquiries from people who are intimidated by the requirements of the participation for the prize. It appears that we are requesting for the new masterpiece or the most innovative way to view ourselves and our ways of life–we are. But that’s not all. We know who we are. It continues to be... Continue Reading →

A new voice: The Hindu take on us and our Adivasi Pickle!

On August 8 this year, the eve of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Ruby Hembrom decided to institute Adivasi Pickle, a “prize for indigenous ideology, thought and knowledge”. In the announcement, she called on Adivasis to share unpublished stories of their lives, struggles and triumphs. From the submissions, a jury will select “the... Continue Reading →

Adivasi PICKLE: a prize for Indigenous Ideology, Thought and Knowledge

Pickle is the perfect accompaniment to spice up any spread and the one key element common to every Indian kitchen and palate. How about some Adivasi pickle? A pickle made of indigenous ways and thinking—the perfect accompaniment to our present—with ingredients that help us understand how our ancestral ways have preserved and sustained the earth,... Continue Reading →

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