Adivasi PICKLE: a prize for Indigenous Ideology, Thought and Knowledge

Pickle is the perfect accompaniment to spice up any spread and the one key element common to every Indian kitchen and palate.

How about some Adivasi pickle? A pickle made of indigenous ways and thinking—the perfect accompaniment to our present—with ingredients that help us understand how our ancestral ways have preserved and sustained the earth, until newer ways dismissed them as primitive and we became a resource to be extracted, exploited and ignored. Ingredients that help refurbish traditions and knowledge webs, and ensure our future.

adivaani is therefore calling Adivasis to share more about ourselves. We’ve instituted a small prize of a book, out of love, on the International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples, August 9th, 2013. We’re short on what we can give, but we’re long on good wishes, hope and solidarity: you write, we publish. That’s the deal!

We believe the time for us to do things our own way is now. We want this event to be a celebration of a communion of by and for Adivasis—right from our sisters and brothers sharing and chronicling their personal narratives, to the publisher, not forgetting the jury formed of Adivasi intellectuals, scholars and artisans.

Join us, spread the word and…

Click here to participate


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