Disaibon Hul: Printed Children’s Book of the year

Our children's book on the Santal Rebellion of 1855-57 Disaibon Hul wins the Printed Children's Book of the Year at the Publishing Next Industry Awards 2015. To everyone who helped make the book and everyone who has read it, our heartfelt gratitude. Congratulations Saheb Ram Tudu and many thanks to CDC Printers for bringing alive... Continue Reading →

See you at the Hul Celebrations!

As we all know, 30th June is celebrated as Hul Diwas at Bhognadih to commemorate the Santal Rebellion of 1855-57. This year adivaani presents a Santal Hul calendar, beginning the 30th June, 2013 to the 30th June, 2014 as a memento to remember the occasion and to uphold the spirit of freedom and dignity. adivaani... Continue Reading →

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